Authentic CLARO CL-888 automatic watch movement – Swiss Made

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Authentic Swiss Made Product

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Automatic watch movement CL-888.

The movement is a brand new black color finish, automatic / self-winding.

CLARO Watch SA has been operating in Hong Kong and Greater China for over half a century and it has developed a solid network of relationships within the region. In consideration of this, CLARO made a strategic decision to re-engineer an existing caliber that was readily available from the market. After carefully evaluating a number of options, CLARO selected a traditional, long-established calibre from the Far East that was originally developed by a Swiss group.

Starting with raw parts, CLARO Watch SA completely re-worked, cleaned, measured, set and tested each part before adding 100% Swiss-made content. The full assembly was completed, tested and calibrated in CLARO’s wholly-owned factory in Bellinzona, Switzerland.


Please see the images for the technical data sheet.