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Valjoux Calibre 5 – Column Wheel Chronograph Pocket Watch Movement

300 CHF

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300 CHF


Vintage pocket watch movement with column wheel chronograph.

Visually it looks like a Valjoux 5 caliber, if someone knows better and can help with information, I am ready to modify the description.

Movement diameter: ca. 39.5 mm

The dial is not fixed on the movement and it rotates – the small chronograph hands are missing.

I don’t know if the movement is complete or there are parts missing (please see the last photo) – it works apparently well but it was never tested for precision. The chronograph function seems to be working too. Obviously the movement needs a revision.


The article is sold as is – any other parts that are not mentioned in the description or shown in the photos are not included with this movement.

All the movements in our offers are original service or replacement parts meant to be used by professionals for watch servicing. The movements are handled and stored in different boxes or containers, operations that may affect their accuracy. These movements are supposed to be cleaned, oiled, timed or adjusted by a professional before fully corresponding to the manufacturer specifications.

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