TAG Heuer luxury fashion accessories – old style HEUER logo belts (two pieces)


Authentic TAG Heuer Product

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TAG Heuer belts are tooled from the finest leathers, also used on the watchstraps, to guarantee the highest level of finishing.
Made from the finest leather, this strap is exhaustively resistance tested and will seduce the most stylish of men looking for a definitive look with high performance products.

The TAG Heuer know-how fully reflected in all belts.
Designed by TAG Heuer designers and engineers, all the buckles are luxury works of art with watchmaking finishing made of stainless steel 316L, with mirror-polished surface, that give all the buckles a refined sophistication.

Ca. 120 cm length, 40 mm width.

Two in one, that’s 2 belts, 1 buckle. You can easily replace each belt and wear it with a matching Heuer watch. Once again, it’s a HEUER thing so the TAG Heuer fans should refrain from buying this article. :)

This is the ideal thing to wear for a Heuer fan jeans owner. Wear the black belt, which is made in France, and you can brag that you bought it in Paris. Wear the brown belt, which is made in Italy, and you can tell everybody that you bought it in Rome. :)