Authentic SWISS KUBIK Automatic Watch Winder Wooden Masterbox


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Out of stock

Luxury automatic watch winder by Swiss Kubik. The watch winder is part of the Swiss Kubik MasterBox collection.

This Swiss Kubik Masterbox watch winder limited edition series is made from yacht veneer wood.

The SwissKubik MasterBox watch winder has been specifically designed for storing and winding all automatic watches.

The MasterBox guarantees a set number of rotations and rest periods per day as opposed to a continuous operation. It’s direct brushless motor drive together with programmable electronic controls (configurable for a set number of turns per day – TPD) have been manufactured and tested using state of the art technology to obtain high reliability and long service life.

Watch winder for one automatic watch

Cube measuring 10 x 10 x 10cm

Weight 750g

Default setting of 1900 TPD, 950 CW & 950 CCW

USB connection to software app to allow customized settings

The yacht wood covered Masterbox single watch winder is battery operated and put in motion by a Portescap dedicated micro-motor.

The watch winder is set by default to the optimal number of rotations recommended by the most important Swiss watches manufacturers, but it also can be programmed to custom settings using a USB cable (not included) via the specialized software provided by Kubik.

A very useful addition for any automatic watch collector.

No batteries included because of the airlines regulations. No papers, open box, doesn’t look used.