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200 CHF


Authentic Heuer Referee stopwatch.

The ref. 907 is designed to time many sports. The large red 45 minute segments of the register could make think the ref. 907 is a specific soccer timer. However old official HEUER catalogs specified it can be also used to time Basket-Ball, Hockey and other sports. Half-time of each sport is flagged by a red large number on the scale register:

20 minutes is a half time basketball
35 minutes is a half time hockey
45 minutes is a half time soccer

Start stop and reset by top crown
Pause and go on by left slider

The stopwatch looks used, it was tested for functionality and it works as it should.

The article is sold as is – any other parts that are not mentioned in the description or shown in the photos are not included with this article.

The stopwatch is working and keeping a precise timing, but as for any other used or vintage watch, a basic revision is recommended.

Most of the watches that I am selling are liquidation or collector items, therefor I make no claims and give no warranty regarding continual accuracy of time keeping. Used, antique or vintage watches may need servicing, even if they are in good running condition. Unless otherwise stated they may need to be cleaned, oiled, adjusted or timed. I cannot guarantee a used watch to be waterproof or water resistant.



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Acrylic Crystal, Stop-Watch, Swiss Made, Swiss Movement

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