Authentic 7-row NSA – NOVAVIT SA – Swiss Made Gold Plated Watch Bracelet – 20 mm

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Original NSA (Novavit SA) Swiss Made watch bracelet for vintage watches.

Stainless steel – gold plated – vintage.

CA. 18 mm bracelet width, ca. 20 mm at the watch lugs.

Ca. 160 mm length (85 mm + 75 mm). The bracelet is marked PLAQUE LAMINE OR | NSA logo | SWISS MADE.

This intricate model is once the world famous 7-row NSA bracelet, patented in 1967.

The article is sold AS IS – any other parts that are not mentioned in the description or shown in the photos are not included with this item.

All the watch parts or watch accessories in our offers are genuine parts outsourced from official dealers and shipped directly from Switzerland.

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