TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 White Rubber Strap With Logo

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The original TAG Heuer Connected strap in white rubber is the perfect accessory for your Connected watch to give it a unique yet luxurious feel. Incorporating the TAG Heuer logo on both ends, it’s a great way to show your TAG Heuer Connected watch off.

Ca. 22 mm at the watch lugs ends, ca. 22 mm at the buckle end.

The strap is marked with the TAG Heuer color logo.

The short piece is ca. 80 mm, the long piece is ca. 110 mm.

The article is sold “as is” – any other parts that are not mentioned in the description or shown in the photos are not included with this item.

All the watch parts or watch accessories in our offers are genuine parts outsourced from official dealers and shipped directly from Switzerland.


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