Chromachron – Color Time Swiss Made watch by Tian Harlan – silver


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Out of stock

Color time (Chroma Chron), the anti stress watch – the concept watch of the 1980s, invented and patented by Tian Harlan in 1970s and licensed and produced under the Pierre Cardin label in Switzerland.

The time is indicated by carefully chosen colors to match twice each part of the day, so the dark blue of 6 AM will match the same color at 6 PM. The minutes are only to be guessed so you’ll never be late meeting someone at “pink” o’clock.

The battery has to be replaced.

There’s no box or papers for this watch.

Most of the watches that I am selling are liquidation or collector items, therefor I make no claims and give no warranty regarding continual accuracy of time keeping. Used, antique or vintage watches may need servicing, even if they are in good running condition. Unless otherwise stated they may need to be cleaned, oiled, adjusted and or timed. I cannot guarantee a used watch to be waterproof or water resistant.


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