ZENITH – Le Locle – Suisse – Telephonometer timer/stopwatch, vintage 1930s


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This time piece is a rather special one, used for timing the duration of telephone calls. As this is a timer and not a clock, the main dial/hand counts minutes instead of hours. The small counter has an interesting scale (12, 24, 36, 48) indicating seconds up to 48 sec. By moving the lower lever from left to right, the movement is charging and the counter starts. As soon as the conversation is over, the counter is stopped and then reset to zero by pushing the lever back to the left. The timer has a black Bakelite base plate with metal back-plate with ornamental grind, and engraved serial number.

Markings on the dial:
PAT 1236/08
S.G.D.G. 373533 / D.R.P. 189161
35608 ZENITH
Fabriques des Montres ZĂ©nith
Le Locle Suisse
Dial diameter: ca. 50 mm
Power reserve: ca. 11 min

Good with signs of wear, the dial is unimpaired but the crystal is cracked and should be replaced.