Authentic Swiss NSA vintage gold plated watch bracelet – 18 mm


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The Swiss NSA were world famous for their very comfortable high quality watch bracelets. A lot of watches in the late 1960s, 1970s came on NSA bracelets with NSA signed clasps.

In the 1970s, their bands were the absolute top quality, and their clasps were famous for the spring mechanic which makes the clasp automatically a bit longer if a higher pressure is applied.

A lot of watch companies in Switzerland as Tag Heuer, Zenith, Jaeger LeCoultre, Rado, Felca/Titoni, Zodiac, Technos, Roamer, Louis Rossel, and many others, equipped their top series watches with NSA bracelets.

This is a rare old stock NSA bracelet which will fit watches with 18 mm lugs width. The bracelet is made of yellow gold plated stainless steel.

The clasp is marked STEEL – INOX | SWISS MADE | MODEL-DEPOSE | PLAQUE OR LAMINE and it has the NSA triangle in a circle logo.

The bracelet length with the folded clasp is ca. 170 mm, which turns to ca. 215 mm when the clasp is fully extended.