Authentic CLARO CL-888 automatic watch movement – Swiss Made



Authentic Swiss Made Product

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Out of stock

Automatic watch movement CL-888.

The movement is a brand new black color finish, automatic / self-winding.

CLARO Watch SA has been operating in Hong Kong and Greater China for over half a century and it has developed a solid network of relationships within the region. In consideration of this, CLARO made a strategic decision to re-engineer an existing caliber that was readily available from the market. After carefully evaluating a number of options, CLARO selected a traditional, long-established calibre from the Far East that was originally developed by a Swiss group.

Starting with raw parts, CLARO Watch SA completely re-worked, cleaned, measured, set and tested each part before adding 100% Swiss-made content. The full assembly was completed, tested and calibrated in CLARO’s wholly-owned factory in Bellinzona, Switzerland.

Please see the images for the technical data sheet.


Any other parts that are not showing in the photos should be considered as not included with this movement.

All the movements in our offers should be considered as service or replacement parts, and are meant to be used by professionals for watch servicing. These movements are changing hands or are packed in different boxes or containers, operations that may affect the movement accuracy. These movements are supposed to be oiled, timed or adjusted by a professional before fully corresponding to the manufacturer accuracy specifications.