Memosail Skipper 7757 automatic chrono regatta watch movement kit with dial


Authentic Memosail Product

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Out of stock

Watch movement and dial for Memosail Skipper.

The movement is a very rare automatic chronograph Valjoux 7757 special made for regatta watches. The dial is original for Memosail Skipper watches.

The Skipper model differs from the other Memosail timers, as being the only Memosail driven by a Valjoux cal. 7757 – a sailing timer based on the cal. 7750 automatic chronograph.

There are various sources online claiming that the cal. 7757 was produced between 1985 and 1993, but ETA suggest that it was discontinued in 1988, which probably explains the lack of production watches based on this calibre. According to the same sources, the number of Skipper Memosail watches ever made is between 300 and 400 pcs.

Perfect condition.


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