REGINE HORLOGERY Swiss Made Brass Tweezers – 1AM – Laiton


The quality of Regine Switzerland SA products is the result of the constant application at each manufacturing step of a combination of the latest technology and skilled workmanship, a crucial ingredient for a company which, as a result of the types of products it manufactures, still focuses on a hand-crafted approach.

Regine Switzerland SA makes everything it needs for manufacturing high precision tweezers in a workshop equipped with state-of-the-art, high-performance machinery.

Each product is finished and checked individually before leaving the factory. Regine Switzerland SA instruments are produced only in Morbio Inferiore, which makes its products 100% “Made in Switzerland”.

The extreme precision of its products means Regine Switzerland SA products are recognized all over the world to be on the leading edge of tweezers manufacture, based on outstanding Swiss quality.

Pre-owned, very good overall condition, with small blemishes.

All the parts in our offers are original service or replacement parts meant to be used by professionals for watch servicing.