Authentic Daniel Roth mahogany wood luxury mechanical watch winder

400 CHF

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Luxury watch winder Daniel Roth. The watch winder isn’t marked, but the authenticity is guaranteed because it came as an accessory for a very expensive Daniel Roth watch.

The watch winder body is made of high quality mahogany wood. TheĀ  frontal panel is padded in white leather.

The winding system is simple and ingenious: the watch is positioned face up in the support. Sliding the lever from left to right makes the specially designed black piece to come out until is fitted on the watch crown and starts rotating and winding the movement.

The watch winder is operating smoothly and quietly. The winding system is programmed to detect the tension on the mainspring, so it stops once the watch will be close to be fully winded.

No package or outer box, watch winder only.