5 RONDA Swiss Made watches in the factory showcase presentation box


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Very rare presentation box with 5 Ronda watches – factory showcase.

The box showcases 5 different RONDA POWERTECH series calibers or caliber variations. There are two variations of the 507 and the 509 caliber, and a 505.24D caliber for a total of five watches.

Ronda AG is a Swiss movements manufacturer, not a watches manufacturer, so there are not many Ronda branded watches available on the market – the watches presented here are made just to showcase the movements operation and functionalities.

All the 5 watches are fully functional (provided that the batteries will be replaced).

The Ronda presentation box (made of wood) with the 5 Ronda signed watches would represent a nice addition to any watch repairs center or collector showcase.


Quartz (Battery)


Mineral Crystal, Swiss Made